Callsign Changeover

I have been applying for vanity callsigns over the last few months. I tossed the Idea around for a while and decided to try for a 1×2 or a 2×1 call. I had N4YOG for over 20 years and was a little reluctant to change. Effective June 24, 2016 I was assigned  NI4J as my new FCC Amateur Radio Callsign. One thing I hadn’t thought much about is how much is tied to a callsign that would need changing. Over the last couple of days I have updated Echolink, Allstar node, Dstar registration and DMR Id’s. I still have some other stuff I plan to update and I am sure there will be others I haven’t thought of. This is just something to think about if planning on applying for a vanity callsign. 

Another aspect of changing your callsign is how set in your head the old call is. I still find myself beginning to ID with my old callsign. I am sure that NI4J will soon become as automatic as N4YOG is now.

73, Steve 


Check your settings if you have a Baofeng radio!

Along with a friend of mine we discovered something about his Baofeng radio. Most people who have been around a Baofeng radio may have heard the alarm feature on the radio. Just a warning that you should check the settings related to this function. If set incorrectly you may be transmitting the alarm over your local repeater. The following video gives you a good idea how the settings work. This may differ depending what firmware revision or model of radio. Hopefully this will help some people with these radios.

Giving aid to fire plagued Albertans!

I just thought I would mention a Blog that some may be interested in.A local Ham acquaintance of mine Jim-W2PAU has begun a journey to help the folks in Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada. These people have had terrible wildfires and many have lost everything. Please take a look as it is interesting reading about his Great Act of Kindness. Hats off to you Jim, you are doing a great thing!

Check out Jim’s Blog-5K for YMM

New Audio options for Ham Shack

In an effort to rebuild and reorganize my Ham Shack/Office I have taken the plunge and purchased a new microphone and mixer. This is something I have been thinking about for a long time. I have recently became an active Ham once again and have never used anything other than stock Microphones with any of my Ham rigs. I did at one time have a D104 or two back in my CB days and hate I ever got rid of them. I shopped around quite a bit and found a Heil PR-40 package as well as an Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX mixer. I hope to be testing everything very out soon!

I have done plenty of searching on Google and Youtube and here found some good videos on the subject of using a mixer for ham radio.


I also found a good talk/demo that Bob Heil did at a hamfest that might be of interest. Thanks to Gerard Thompson-M3XYP for the video!

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

Part #4

Part #5


I am sure I will have more to post when I start to connect the new gear!